April 2

Successful attendance at the Easter edition of BIOPARC Valencia's “Africa Expedition”

The park's "Expedition Africa" ​​vacation school for ages 5 to 12 begins with full capacity monographic courses until April 5 to become "animal specialists" and share the importance of conserving nature.

La Easter week at BIOPARC Valencia is very special, as it marks the beginning of a new edition of Expedition Africa, vacation school. Once again with all the places covered, a total of 120 girls and boys They enjoy a unique experience in which they discover the internal work areas of the park, learn animal welfare techniques, fulfill their dream of helping the professional team and manage to become “specialists” in their favorite species. With two daily groups de ages between 5 and 12 years, from today until Friday, April 5 and with a schedule from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, each day is dedicated monothematically to a different species, in this case to giraffes, crocodiles, vultures and gorillas respectively.

Starting today, BIOPARC extends its hours until 20 p.m. and offers more than 15 free activities a day throughout this week to enjoy a complete experience. In addition, chimpanzee and elephant babies continue their development in the outdoor enclosures.

La successful Africa Expedition formula prepared by the Department of Education, provides families with the alternative of leisure “with a cause” characteristic of BIOPARC where, during childhood, they learn while having fun During your vacations. Especially important is the approach to knowledge of wild nature for understand the need to protect it. The programming It includes games, workshops, gymkhanas, activities with biological samples and facilitates participation in the preparation of diets and preparation of animal facilities, studying their behavior and even collaborating in environmental enrichment routes.

This week also coincides with the extension of BIOPARC hours that, starting today, April 2, closes at 20pm. These days the park offers more than 15 free activities throughout the day to complement the visit. Guided routes, meetings with animal care staff, workshops or two sessions of the renowned educational exhibition of birds and mammals “The cycle of life”. In the agenda published on the website you can consult the program to plan the visit according to your preferences.

Finally, it is a wonderful opportunity for meet the latest offspring, especially those of chimpanzee and elephant, which continue their optimal development and can be seen in outdoor areas for a few hours, always under the discretion of the respective mothers.

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