Luggage service

Luggage storage service, located in the BIOPARC Valencia parking lot.

Types and prices:

  • Small (S): Rate €2. Useful measurement of 28.7 cm (height) x 45 cm (width) x 56.6 cm (depth). Ideal for storing a small suitcase, backpack or personal items.
  • Medium (M): Rate €4. Useful measurement of 39.5 cm (height) x 45 cm (width) x 56.6 cm (depth). Recommended for hand luggage.
  • Large (L): Rate €6. Useful measurement of 50.2 cm (height) x 45 cm (width) x 56.6 cm (depth). You can store two small suitcases and/or backpacks.

Locker service contract conditions

1. Objeto

These general conditions regulate the contracting of BIOPARC Valencia lockers between its owner Rain Forest Valencia, SA (hereinafter BIOPARC) and the user who contracts the lockers service (hereinafter User).

These Conditions are accepted by the parties without reservation, and may be modified at any time and without prior notice by BIOPARC, due to unexpected situations that arise in the specific course of the activity. Therefore, it will be the User's responsibility to read them every time he makes a purchase, since the conditions in force at the time of conclusion of the contract will be those that are applicable to him.

2. Service description

BIOPARC offers its visitors the possibility of renting automated lockers to store packages for a period of 1 calendar day, within established hours. Within the capacity limit of each locker, bags, purses, baskets, backpacks and the like may be stored, tightly closed.

The payment method can be by credit or debit card, as well as with the most popular mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay...). You cannot pay in cash.

The locker service hours for BIOPARC Valencia visitors are from 09:00 a.m. to 20:30 p.m. The User can rent their locker within these hours.

The storage rental contract ends and expires inexorably at 20.30:XNUMX p.m. on the calendar day on which it began.

BIOPARC offers different types of lockers depending on their size. You can check the type of lockers available at any time in the contracting and payment terminal located in the lockers cabinet.

In these instructions, the User can enter any packages they want, as long as it does not contradict what is established in the point 6, Limits of Use.

It is RAIN FOREST's power, at its discretion, not to accept the package in storage.

3 Price

The prices applicable to each type of lockers are those indicated on the contracting and payment terminal located in the lockers cabinet. All prices that appear include VAT (Value Added Tax), and correspond to the rental of a storage room for 1 calendar day and with the maximum duration of the opening and closing hours of the storage service on that day.

BIOPARC may make any modifications it deems appropriate at any time.

4. Operation

By contracting a locker through the contracting and payment terminal located in the lockers cabinet, the user accepts these general conditions of contracting the service and use. The user may request a copy of the conditions at the BIOPARC premises. The user declares that the contents of each package are not among those that are not accepted for deposit according to point six.

At BIOPARC we have intelligent lockers where the entire reservation and use process is carried out automatically directly by the User.

In order to contract the BIOPARC lockers service, it is essential to be a visitor to BIOPARC Valencia and to have reached or been over 16 years of age.

The process:

The User chooses the locker through the touch screen that is integrated into the locker cabinet.

The user selects a six-digit PIN to later be able to open and close the locker they have contracted.

The user enters his mobile phone number. This telephone number will only be used to send the User proof of payment and, where appropriate, a reminder message of the PIN they have previously chosen.

As an additional security filter, the User chooses a photo among those that appear on the touch screen.

Finally, the User must pay the amount corresponding to the locker they have selected. Once this is done, the User will be able to select to store their packages in the assigned locker and identified with a number and then close the locker door.

During the duration of the locker rental, the User will be able to access their belongings as many times as they need. In order to access your locker, the system will ask you to enter the locker number, PIN, as well as confirm the photo you chose as a security filter.

5. Incident management

In the event of a breakdown, blockage or any other type of incident in the use of the locker, the User will have the BIOPARC Valencia assistance service at their disposal, which they can use by calling the number 682 652 955/635 421 123 or going to the ticket office. from BIOPARC Valencia. From 20.00:666 p.m. call the number 424 142 XNUMX.

6. Limits of use

By contracting the BIOPARC Valencia storage locker rental service, the User undertakes in particular and without limitation to:

  • Use the locker only as a temporary storage place for goods you own.
  • Use the lockers correctly, without causing damage to them, and ensuring that the lockers remain closed when the user leaves the premises.
  • Not to use the password for illegal or unauthorized purposes. The User individually agrees not to store objects whose mere possession or trafficking is illegal, such as; stolen objects, drugs, pornographic material, and in any way, degrading to human beings.
  • If any material that is deposited in the storage room requires a permit or license for its possession, have that license.
  • Do not introduce food or drink that is not packaged, nor deposit anything that gives off a bad odor, or that causes damage. Do not include money, jewelry, technological items (tablets, computers, televisions, etc.) or goods of special value in the storage room, and the User's decision to use the rented storage rooms to store this type of property is their sole and exclusive responsibility. special value.
  • Not to deposit any type of dangerous or polluting material or substance in the storage room (such as flammable objects or dangerous substances).
  • Not to use the lock to deposit animals or any type of living being.
  • Do not provide the access PIN to third parties, with the user being responsible for any breach of this obligation. Do not use the storage room to exchange goods with third parties.
  • Remove packages placed in the rented storage room before the end of the rental period. Leave the lockers at the end of the service in the same state in which you found them. Notify BIOPARC of any incident detected in the locker or its status through

7. Right of inspection

Access to the Police or State or Local security forces will always be permitted in the locker, as long as the request is motivated in writing and for security reasons.

8. Responsibility of the user in case of non-compliance with their obligations 

The User must hold BIOPARC harmless for any damages arising from non-compliance with its obligations arising from this contract.

Failure to comply with the rental period.

If the User does not empty the rented storage room on or before the expiration date, it will be understood that he or she has abandoned his or her packages and the User will lose any right to reimbursement or compensation for them. Likewise, at that time, BIOPARC will be authorized to access the locker to remove the stored packages, in order to release it and allow ordinary use of it to the rest of BIOPARC's clients, and may at its discretion proceed with the sale and/or or destruction of the packages and their contents.

Inappropriate use of slogans.

The User is solely responsible for all packages, objects and/or items stored in the rented storage room.

BIOPARC reserves the right to remove any object that does not comply with the regulations for the use of lockers and is a prohibited object. If necessary, BIOPARC will be authorized to call the police and report the conduct, as well as to remove prohibited objects.

In any case, the removal of prohibited packages will entail a penalty of 400 euros, a penalty that will not exclude the obligation of the non-compliant User to compensate BIOPARC for any damages actually caused.

Damage caused to the lockers by the User.

The User will be fully responsible for any damage or deterioration that may be caused to the lockers due to improper or inappropriate use. The User must compensate BIOPARC for the physical damage caused to the locker(s) as well as for lost profits.

In particular and without limitation, the User causing the damage must pay BIOPARC a daily rental penalty for each day in which the locker is unusable, as well as the cost of repair or replacement, which is quantified in the case of replacement at €2.500.

Payment of penalties.

The penalties detailed in this contract will be paid by the User with the same payment method used by the User when contracting the storage rental service or by bank transfer to the account indicated by BIOPARC. The User expressly accepts that BIOPARC proceeds to collect the amounts established in this document using the User's card or means of payment when contracting the locker rental service.

9. Obligations of BIOPARC

BIOPARC is obliged to keep the locker service active and to make available to the User, during the contracted time, the locker or lockers that the User has contracted in good condition of use.

Likewise, BIOPARC undertakes to resolve any incident that may arise in the use of the passwords as soon as possible.

10. Limit of liability of BIOPARC

BIOPARC offers a lockers rental service, and is not responsible for the custody of the packages. The User is solely responsible for the goods placed in the rented storage room.

BIOPARC is not responsible for breakdowns and natural deterioration of packages deposited by the User under its direct custody and not attributable to its fault. It is not responsible for damages due to force majeure and/or natural events such as, for example, earthquakes, floods, etc.

11. Privacy

RAIN FOREST VALENCIA, SA is the Controller of the personal data of the Interested Party and informs you that these data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of April 27 (GDPR), and the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5 (LOPDGDD), therefore the following treatment information is provided:

Processed data: telephone number registered at the time of accessing the system.

End of treatment: maintain a commercial relationship with the User. The operations planned to carry out the treatment are the sending of proof of payment for the locker service in BIOPARC together with the assigned locker number and, where appropriate, the sending of a reminder message with the PIN code that allows the User to access their locker.

Data conservation criteria: they will be kept as long as there is a mutual interest to maintain the purpose of the processing and when it is no longer necessary for this purpose, they will be deleted with appropriate security measures to guarantee the pseudonymization of the data or the total destruction of the data. themselves.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, portability and limitation of processing. by mail to Rain Forest Valencia, SA, SA C/ Padilla, 26 4ª 28006 MADRID (MADRID).

DPO: IDEAS NORMATIVAS, SL Dr. Vicente Zaragozá, 1 – 2 – 5. CP 46020 – Valencia –

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This contract is governed by its clauses and in everything not provided for in it, by the applicable Spanish legislation.

Both parties agree that any dispute, discrepancy, question or claim resulting from the execution or interpretation of this agreement or related to it, directly or indirectly, will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid capital, with express waiver of the parties to any other jurisdictions that may apply to them.