In the BIOPARC stores you will find the souvenir of your “Africa in Valencia” experience. As well as the ideal gift for friends and family about your adventure in Madagascar, the wetlands, the savanna and the equatorial forests.

A wide variety of products organized thematically in more than 400m2, where special attention is paid to boys and girls. In addition, merchandising, textiles, audiovisual materials, reading and African crafts.

BIOPARC's African crafts are made with traditional techniques, local materials acquired directly from the artisan and products produced sustainably with ecological materials, in short a Responsible commerce committed to the future. Ceremonial masks, ceramics, basketry, accessories and decoration elements that you will only find at BIOPARC.

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BIOPARC offers its visitors the possibility of renting automated lockers to store packages for a period of 1 calendar day, within established schedules.

Within the capacity limit of each locker, bags, purses, baskets, backpacks and the like may be stored, tightly closed.

Parking €7/Day
without prior reservation
Until 10am.
(Within parking opening hours)
Direct payment at the BIOPARC car park.