School rules



school group

Applicable to:

  • Regulated education centers for early childhood, primary, ESO, Baccalaureate, initial FP or regulated Intermediate Grade education. Minimum 20 students.
  • Groups of students from rural groups even if they do not meet the minimum of 20 students.
  • In groups of less than 20 students, the educator fee is not included.

After After carrying out one of the activities offered, school groups will be able to enjoy BIOPARC VALENCIA in free visit.

The visit of school groups to BIOPARC VALENCIA will be guided by a BIOPARC VALENCIA educator. One educator will be assigned for approximately 30 students.

Pass B! (BIOPARC VALENCIA annual pass) will not be valid for visits by school and/or children's groups, which have an educational, specialized and personalized focus.

For school groups, the visit to BIOPARC VALENCIA has an assigned access time to the park. If the activity starts late, the original end time will be respected.

Teachers must organize students in advance, into as many groups as BIOPARC VALENCIA educators have been assigned to them.

It is necessary to indicate in the reservation the full and correct name of the center, the courses attended and the language of the activity (Spanish/Valencian).

The only monitors who are authorized to accompany school groups at BIOPARC VALENCIA are the official BIOPARC VALENCIA monitors. Monitors belonging to the professional staff of any company outside of BIOPARC VALENCIA are not allowed access to BIOPARC VALENCIA.

The carrying out of activities outside of BIOPARC VALENCIA is not permitted in any of its facilities, that is, the access plaza and park.


Adventure + Children. Conditions

Age: from 2 to 5 years.

Groups: from 20 students.

Visit duration: From 10.00:15.30 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Activities included:

  • Guided tour of the park
  • Food in the restaurant: Main course + dessert + drink
  • Visit to the lemurs of Madagascar, storytelling, crafts and games in the park, the birds of BIOPARC (visit to the trainers)

Our educators will guide the group at all times, directing the activities and supporting the teachers with a maximum ratio of 15 students per educator.
This activity is designed for the little ones, oriented towards educational play and based on emotions and the observation and appreciation of the world around us, trying to promote the social and emotional development of children in a stimulating environment, framed in respect. and the care of living beings and the place in which they live. As indicated in the official curricula, this activity aims to support the purpose of Early Childhood Education, contributing to the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of children.

BIOPARC + Albufera. Conditions.

The activity will always begin at 09:45 at the Albufera pier (see map) and will end at BIOPARC VALENCIA. This activity does not include bus transportation.

The entire chain of visits will be guided by a BIOPARC VALENCIA educator without this implying an increase in the price of the activity. The ratio is 30 students per BIOPARC educator.

It is very important to respect the start time of the activity. In case of delay, the end time will be respected, reorganizing the schedules of the chain of activities.

The organization of the groups for the visit to the Albufera will be carried out according to the capacities of the boats, with one educator assigned per boat.

In the event that the boats cannot sail due to weather or force majeure reasons, the visit to the Albufera will be replaced by an alternative activity in the Natural Park.

Passengers must follow the skipper's instructions during boarding, crossing and disembarkation. Likewise, they must respect all the rules that regulate boat trips through the Albufera Natural Park. The skipper of the boat reserves the right of admission on board.



To make a restaurant reservation, the group must be a minimum of 20 people.

The reservation of these menus for groups will be made in conjunction with the reservation of Bioparc tickets.

The restaurant ticket for the group will be collected at the BIOPARC VALENCIA TICKET OFFICE together with the ticket for the tickets.

All members of the group must come together at the time assigned to them for the meal.

The Picnic menu will be collected in the Bioparc picnic area.

SCHOOL GROUPS may bring your own food to have lunch and/or eat in the park. They must go to the picnic area set up for this purpose, whose capacity is limited and shared with the rest of the schoolchildren. If there is no space, they must wait for it to become free. Eating is NOT allowed during the park tour.


2 free for groups of up to 30 students. From 30 students, one more free fee will be given for every 15 students. These freebies are given as a guide or companion.




These services do not include entrance to the park. For groups of a minimum of 20 people. Maximum 30 people per monitor. Check availability.

Monitor support: €15/monitor/hour. It is necessary to hire the same number of support monitors as Bioparc Valencia educators are assigned to the group. This service is offered for early childhood and primary education groups and can be contracted by the hour from the end of the activity with the Bioparc Valencia educators until the group leaves our facilities. Teachers must accompany students at all times.


2 free for groups of up to 30 students. From 30 students, one more free fee will be given for every 15 students. These freebies are given as a guide or companion. The bus driver will be able to access the premises with prior accreditation.