April 21

BIOPARC Valencia remembers the emotional story of the “orphan” chimpanzee Djibril on his 5th birthday

An authentic anniversary party with eye-catching gifts and a succulent cake surprised the chimpanzee family this morning, especially the birthday boy and little 3-month-old Cala. People who visited the park have contemplated this stimulating environmental enrichment activity aimed at providing well-being to the animals.

Valencia, April 21, 2024.- 5 years ago today The joy of the BIOPARC Fuengirola technical team at the birth of a chimpanzee turned into great concern. The mother, Kika, who was captured in the African jungle as a child to be used as a tourist attraction in Spain, could not learn how to raise him and rejected him. He "orphan baby"He also carried extremely valuable genetics, which is why he mobilized an operation with specialists of the European conservation program for this critically endangered species according to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list. Under his coordination, BIOPARC expert staff, first from the Malaga park and later from Valencia, They achieved what seemed impossible, saving him and having him adopted by a new family of chimpanzees.

Djibril's moving story It is today a milestone and a double reason for celebration, for its 5 years and for the success of BIOPARC in the fight to save the Western chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus). This beautiful spring morning predicted a real anniversary party. The animal care team prepared and decorated the installation that recreates the jungle with colorful gifts and a spectacular cake with ornamental elements and the preferred foods of vegetables and fruits. they have lived very exciting moments seeing how the entire chimpanzee family greatly enjoyed these stimuli developed as environmental enrichment techniques to provide maximum well-being for the animals.

Addition birthday boy Djibril who was delighted playing with the colorful boxes, the one who had the most fun was little Cala, only 3 months old. He really seemed to not know where to turn in the face of so many new developments and has even amazed the large audience that has been able to see their first steps. Bill brown male has preferably inspected the premises and has taken away a large part of the cake, while at the females Malin, Py, Eva, Natalia and Noelia They liked the ice cream more, which was a 5.+

Djibril's valuable genetics motivated an exceptional international effort to save him, as it means hope for his species, in critical danger of extinction.

El effort of the conservation world to protect threatened species entails act in all possible areas. Happy endings like the exceptional case of Djibril and the different births of various species are reason for hope and value the work of the BIOPARC of Fuengirola, Valencia and the Gijón Aquarium. At the same time and with the same impetus, it is essential to maintain and enhance wild populations in their habitats of origin. The BIOPARC Foundation has developed collaborations in this sense with different organizations in the so-called “hot zones” of biodiversity, among them, with the Jane Goodall Institute in Africa.

The BIOPARC efforts also focus on the awareness of society, bringing the beauty of nature closer to excite and motivate a change in attitude towards the preservation of the environment. In this way, a call is made to the population to act according to their possibilities, because every gesture counts. Tomorrow, April 22, the UN commemorates Earth Day calling for urgent action in the face of the greatest challenge facing humanity, saving our wonderful planet, with the certainty that only collectively can we achieve it.

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