May 19th 2024

Sunday of many happy endings at the 24th AUPA-BIOPARC Foundation Dog Parade

Excitement and enormous excitement at the new stage in the lives of 15 dogs with their new families. With the objective of reporting abandonment and promoting the adoption of dogs A new edition of this traditional solidarity event organized by the protective AUPA and the BIOPARC Foundation. The journalist and presenter of À Punt, Ferran Cano, has brought the stories of the canine protagonists to numerous people committed to animal welfare who have gathered at BIOPARC.

Video: this was the 24th Parade of dogs in search of a home.

For many people and especially for many dogs, today has been the beginning of a new and wonderful stage in their lives. Because in the 24th Dog Parade in search of a home organized by the protector AUPA (Adopt an Abandoned Dog) and the BIOPARC Foundation there have been numerous crushes result of the intense connection between the human and canine environment. The journalist and presenter of À Punt Ferran Cano He began his intervention by sharing his formidable personal experience with the adoption of his inseparable Dante, a beautiful Czechoslovakian wolf. And, as fate would have it, a few minutes later another Dante, a powerful 3-year-old PPP mix, was with a child with whom he will possibly spend the rest of his life.

Moments during the 24th parade of dogs in search of a home

The preview of this charity event predicted a great day of animal commitment, with 5 dogs that are already in their new home: Gaspar, Dolly, Pierre, Jolie and Dumbo. And as this beautiful spring morning passed, optimism increased, with the result of other 10 dogs that already have their appointment scheduled to meet the desire that they will be their new families.

Africa one of the dogs waiting to find a new home after the parade

Some of the dogs featured in the 24th Parade.

Truffle, the protagonist of this year's poster; Isabel, a hound mix that was abandoned when she was pregnant; of the same race, Cake 6 years old, so sociable that he will have a cat as a companion again; the young and intelligent Africa; the big one and a half year old, Ciccio, the only one left to adopt from a litter they rescued from the trash; the same age, Triana, a fun hound; the affectionate greyhound Blas, three years old; the striking Pirate, 15 months; and Cami 8 years old, who remained waiting to be picked up in the place where she was cruelly abandoned without knowing that they would never do so.

Sunday of many happy endings at the 24th AUPA-BIOPARC Foundation Dog Parade

Commitment to animal welfare.

The outdoor plaza of BIOPARC has once again been the setting where these stories of suffering and resilience have been revealed, which will finally have a happy ending for both these extraordinary animals and the people who adopt them.

Moments during the 24th parade of dogs in search of a home by AUPA and BIOPARC

The emotion, the empathy towards these living beings and the commitment to animal welfare They are experienced in each of the editions of the Parades whose main objective is to denounce the abandonment of animals and promote adoptions. It is essential to promote a change in society towards responsibility in our relationship with pets, it has to be a totally rational decision regarding the obligations it implies and the duty to provide them with all the care. A message that is emphasized from the protective AUPA. and the BIOPARC Foundation.

It is important to value the work of the shelters that collect 170.000 dogs every year in Spain according to the Affinity Foundation, which is about 500 dogs a day. Animals that have suffered human cruelty, that are cared for with all the love and housed for the necessary time with the desire to find a true home, where they can give their life. unconditional love and fill with happiness the people with whom they share the rest of their lives.

Truffle one of the protagonist dogs of the AUPA BIOPARC parade

Today BIOPARC the illusion is reborn with the beginning of These new 15 stories that represent hope for a better future.

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