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BIOPARC Valencia adds Tooth, a 31-year-old male, to the elephant herd

The Valencian park receives a male African elephant on the recommendation of the European Program for the Conservation of Endangered Species, which aims to guarantee the survival of this species included in the IUCN Red List and which has lost 95% of its population in just over a year. of century.

BIOPARC Valencia has become a reference center for the savanna elephant preservation (African loxodonta) with a strong involvement in international controlled reproduction programs that have borne fruit with the first births, Makena at the end of 2022 and Malik, last March. The herd made up of 6 females is now completed with the arrival of Tooth, an impressive 31-year-old male who is already in public view in the outer areas of the park.

Tooth the new male African elephant from BIOPARC Valencia

Coming from Ouwehand's Dierenpark in Rhenen (Netherlands), due to its optimal adaptation it can now be seen by people who visit BIOPARC.

The transfers of these immense animals entail a complicated operation and coordination of specialists from different disciplines. On this occasion, one of the people from the BIOPARC animal care team traveled to Rhenen (Netherlands) to see first-hand the protocols and attention of the Ouwehand's Dierenpark staff.

Tooth upon arrival at BIOPARC Valencia along with the team of specialists from both parksv

Similarly, specialists from both parks They have made the journey of nearly 2.000 kg by road with the specialized convoy to guarantee Tooth's well-being at all times. Without a doubt, this action has been very beneficial throughout the process for rapid and excellent acclimatization. Upon arrival at the capital of Turia, the complicated unloading began, which, being an animal weighing more than 5.000 kg, requires a large tonnage crane.

Moments of the transfer of the elephant Tooth upon his arrival at BIOPARC Valencia

Subsequently, the recognition of the indoor areas specially prepared for your comfort and also the outdoor technical area began. Movements in which he always counted on support from your trusted personnel so that he had references that would give him peace of mind and security.

The impressive elephant Tooth in the African savanna of BIOPARC Valencia

El first meeting with the pack It was also one of the most anticipated moments, since the presence had aroused great curiosity among the females. Still without direct contact, they have already been able to have visual contact and They have “known” each other through their trunks. The evolution of the adaptation is being optimal and has already begun to explore the outdoor facilities of BIOPARC, the area that recreates a palm grove, where the first people have already been able to contemplate this majestic African elephant that carries imposing tusks.

Video: BIOPARC Valencia welcomes Tooth, a 31-year-old male African elephant

Once again it is necessary to remember the relevance of biodiversity preservation projects in which the BIOPARC Foundation. It is vital to maintain sufficient genetic variability to ensure the survival of the species. And this can only be achieved by addressing the problem with a global and participatory vision of all the parks and entities involved.

Elephants are in a situation of alarming vulnerability due to habitat loss and poaching. Scientific data warn of a loss of 95% of its population in just over a century. What has motivated the IUCN Red List (International Union for Conservation of Nature) increase its endangered status.

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