May 17th 2024

A lot of hope and everything is ready for the 24th AUPA and BIOPARC Foundation Dog Parade

This Sunday the 19th at 11 a.m. the outdoor plaza of BIOPARC Valencia will host a new edition of the traditional event of commitment to animal welfare organized by the BIOPARC Foundation and the protector Adopta Un Perro Abandonado (AUPA). 

24th Parade of dogs in search of a home.

With the nerves of important appointments and with the desire to fulfill the dream of living in a home, 25 dogs from the Adopt an Abandoned Dog shelter (AUPA) are ready to go to the outdoor plaza of BIOPARC this Sunday, May 19 at 11 a.m. to the 24th Parade organized by the BIOPARC Foundation. And there will be 25 because thanks to the communication and help in disseminating the event, at least 4 and most likely 5 of the dogs that had to parade have already been adopted.

Triana one of the leading dogs of the parade in search of a home

Gaspar, Dolly, Pierre and Jolie (they have gone together) and possibly Dumbo They have already gotten their “happy ending.” Great news that has filled the entire team with optimism in the countdown to the celebration of this particular dog show that aims to denounce the abandonment of pets and promote adoption among those families who want to incorporate a dog into their lives.

With the desire to reach the heart of someone who opens their home to them, we can meet Cami, a sweet dog found lying in the middle of the road waiting for them to come back for her, but they didn't and she was terribly abandoned at the age of 8. Cuddly, polite and obedient, she loves tranquility.

With very different characteristics, the obedient, fun and affectionate will also be the protagonist. Africa, a border collie who will soon be one year old and who requires human company that can give her the activity that this very intelligent breed of dog requires. The young woman Triana, 16 months old, is a devoted podenca when she gains confidence and enjoys both outdoor walks and resting at home. Trufa is a two-year-old male that illustrates the official poster for this edition of the Parade. They abandoned him after being taught the sit-down order and it has taken him a long time to get used to living in a cage, so he needs to go back to a home.

The presenter of À Punt, Ferran Cano, will share the stories of the 25 dogs that will arrive with all the hope of finding a home.

The journalist and presenter of À Punt, Ferran Cano, will explain the stories and characteristics of all these wonderful animals and, at the same time, Emphasis will be placed on the main message of denouncing the abuse and crime that abandonment entails.. Entities such as the Affinity Foundation publish the terrible data annually with nearly 500 dogs a day collected in Spain by shelters, 170.000 a year.

In this sense, these actions are absolutely necessary to promote the adoption of animals as the most responsible and supportive option when you want to add a pet to the home. Likewise, we insist on the importance of meditating on this transcendental decision and assuming the enormous responsibility it entails, as it forces us to guarantee all the care required by these animals for their entire lives.

Cami, one of the leading dogs of the parade in search of a home

Commitment to animal welfare.

Once again, it is worth highlighting the pleasant atmosphere of these Parades of the BIOPARC Foundation y AUPA. Many families and people of all ages committed to the welfare of animals come in search of that doggy companion. Those who have already adopted also come to share their experiences and equally people moved by curiosity come for the first time to discover this extraordinary world.

The shelter staff assists all interested people, recommending the dogs that can best adapt to the different particular circumstances, since It is essential that adoptions are a success and that both people and dogs enjoy maximum happiness.

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