Conditions of contract

By purchasing a Pass B! of BIOPARC, you declare that you know and accept the following conditions:

1. What is BIOPARC and what is its main mission.

BIOPARC is open nature: a faithful recreation of different nature habitats with the intention of showing the visitor its fauna, flora and landscape without visual barriers. Its design and construction have been approached from the most innovative concept and technology in order to guarantee the best conditions for our animals and to be able to fulfill our main mission: environmental education as a means of raising awareness and commitment to our environment.

2. Why we offer Pass B!

Because we want you to enjoy our facilities in the best conditions, freely accepting and respecting our rules and because we want you to be part of the Mundo B! Community, contributing with us to conserve nature.

3. Why +1€

Because by purchasing the B! Pass, you collaborate with the conservation of the environment, since for each B! Pass What you buy, BIOPARC will allocate €1 to conservation programs for endangered animal species as well as their habitats through the BIOPARC Foundation.

4. How many days and how many times

With your Pass B! You can visit BIOPARC once a day for one year from the date of purchase and according to the conditions of Pass B! that you have acquired. You will not be able to leave and re-enter the same day. You cannot access BIOPARC facilities with Pass B! from Holy Thursday to Easter Monday. To access these days, a 50% discount will be given on the applicable day ticket rate. In the event of total or partial closure of BIOPARC, it will be communicated as far in advance as possible. In any case, said closure will not give the right to a refund or claim from the holder of Pass B! For reasons of capacity, access to the park and/or certain areas may be limited and people will have to wait their turn for access, if necessary, during opening hours. BIOPARC may also activate an online reservation system. In this case, it will be mandatory for the B pass holder to use it! to access the park as explained in point 12. Pass B! from BIOPARC Valencia also gives you access to BIOPARC Fuengirola and BIOPARC Acuario Gijón, only once to each park during the validity of the pass and always taking into account the particular access conditions of each BIOPARC. This access will always be under the reservation and visit system of each BIOPARC. You must contact the park you want to visit at least 5 days in advance, where they will confirm the day and time of the visit, as well as the access conditions.

5. What type of visit can Pass B be used for?

Pass B! It is valid for individual visits. In case of visits with group rates, Pass B! holders They will not be taken into account when calculating the minimum necessary to form a group (minimum 20 people).  Pass B! It is not valid on school and/or children's group visits that have an educational, specialized and personalized focus.

6. Who can use Pass B!

Only the holder, since Pass B! It is personal and non-transferable and its owner is solely responsible for its correct use and conservation. Minors must be accompanied at all times by an adult responsible for the minor. Whenever requested by BIOPARC staff, an identity document must be presented to verify the ownership of the card. If it is verified that the person presenting the card is not the owner, it will be understood that this is cause for its withdrawal in accordance with point 10. It is essential present Pass B at the BIOPARC ticket offices! to access the park.

7. What are the conditions for issuing and renewing Pass B!

At all times, BIOPARC determines the commercial policy applicable to Pass B! corresponding to the current annuity, as well as its prices and the remaining conditions for its acquisition and/or renewal. BIOPARC will verify the holder's data after the purchase and/or renewal, and may cancel the B Pass! in case of detecting that the particular data and conditions of the holder do not correspond to the rate of Pass B! purchased and/or renewed. The contract has a duration of one year and comes into effect from the date of acquisition of Pass B!

8. What is the return and exchange policy for Pass B!

Once the purchase of Pass B! It is not possible to return the price paid, neither in whole nor in part. Likewise, it is not allowed to make changes to the ownership of the card.

9. What is not included in the price of Pass B!

The possible costs of issuance, management, renewal, reprinting, loss or similar that were in force at the time of acquisition of the pass. These expenses will be available on the BIOPARC website. In the price of Pass B! Other services such as parking, lockers, photographs and all those that are not exclusively those for access and/or stay in the facilities are not included. BIOPARC reserves the right to organize shows, attractions, activities, exhibitions or events at its facilities that may or may not be included in the price of Pass B! Likewise, Pass B! It does not give the right to access paid shows, attractions and activities, exhibitions or temporary events organized by companies other than BIOPARC.

10. For what reasons can BIOPARC cancel or withdraw Pass B!

Any use other than that mentioned in this document contrary to the operating rules of BIOPARC will be considered fraudulent or deceptive by the holder and is sufficient reason to annul the validity of Pass B! and remove it permanently. In particular, the use of the B pass! by a person other than the owner will be immediate cause for its cancellation and withdrawal. BIOPARC can never be held responsible for any damages that this may cause to the owners. It may happen that the cause of use by a person other than the owner has been theft or loss by the owner. In that case, please consult point 11, since the holder is always responsible for the use of the card.

11. What you should do in case of loss, theft, suspicion of fraudulent use or deterioration of Pass B!

In case of loss, theft, suspicion of possible fraudulent use or deterioration, the owner must notify it as soon as possible by email:, where you will be told the next steps to follow. The holder is solely responsible for any fraudulent or improper use that may have been made of Pass B!

12. BIOPARC, like any other space, has capacity limitations and in the event that it is full, for security reasons, pass B! The possibilities of the visit may be limited.

In order to guarantee maximum enjoyment of the visit, avoid crowds and for security reasons, in cases of excessive influx of public that could hinder operations, BIOPARC may limit entry to its facilities and/or certain premises, for a specific period of time or even for that day. BIOPARC, with the aim of guaranteeing the best operation and capacity control, can also install a prior reservation system for visiting the park. Making this prior reservation necessary and essential for the visit. BIOPARC may limit the access of the B! pass holder for operational reasons, capacity or special events on certain days of the year. These days will be communicated with sufficient advance notice.

13. Sanitary measures

BIOPARC management, following instructions and recommendations from expert institutions or organizations, may require clients to comply with hygienic-sanitary measures. As an example, but not limited to: use of masks, interpersonal safety distance, group limitation, hand hygiene, or any other measure considered necessary. To access the park, you may also require compliance with access rules such as prior reservation, online purchase, or any other, for health reasons to comply with the regulations or recommendations in force at all times.

14. That your data will be treated confidentially and only for the specific purposes of this service and BIOPARC.

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (GDPR), we inform you that the personal data collected from the interested party or from public sources will be processed under the responsibility of RAIN FOREST VALENCIA, SA for sending communications about our products and services and will be kept as long as there is a mutual interest in doing so. The data will not be communicated to third parties, except legal obligation. We inform you that you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data and those of limitation and opposition to its processing by contacting C/ Padilla, 26 4ª 28006 MADRID (MADRID). E-mail: If you consider that the treatment does not comply with current regulations, you may file a claim with the control authority at

15. Other benefits applicable to the Berde Pass holder.

Check on the web 

16. If you need more information

The owner may request any type of information by sending an email to, or by calling 960 660 526.

17. And also:

These rules will be applied and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation and the sole purchase of Pass B! will imply your acceptance. Any dispute that may arise from this contract will be settled in the courts and tribunals of Madrid.

18. It is important that you know and accept the Access Rules:

  • Respect at all times the instructions indicated by BIOPARC staff, your role and responsibility is to ensure proper functioning and correct coordination for a positive visit.
  • The pass is valid for access only once per day. It is not permitted to leave and re-enter BIOPARC, unless a new ticket is purchased or, in exceptional cases, authorized by BIOPARC staff.
  • It is not permitted to bring in food and/or drinks from outside or consume food outside of the spaces provided for this purpose.
  • Minors cannot access BIOPARC alone. It is essential that they enter with a person of legal age and that they be accompanied at all times during the visit.
  • In the case of Pass B! Children, the minor's companion must be of legal age responsible for each PB! Child who accesses.
  • It is not possible to enter with tricycles, bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, balloons, or any element that may disturb the animals. This decision will be made by BIOPARC staff.
  • It is not allowed to enter with animals, except for guide dogs or assistance dogs. In this case, please consult the procedure on the BIOPARC website
  • It is not permitted to access or visit BIOPARC with a bare torso.
  • Due to veterinary criteria, certain facilities may remain closed and some animals may not be in the exhibition area.
  • Respect the environment, signage and fenced areas. Walking on grass or vegetation areas is not permitted. Please use the trash cans.
  • Share the tranquility of the animals; Do not draw their attention, do not throw objects or food at them, avoid touching the glass. And of course do not hit them in any case.
  • Smoking is not allowed, except in areas specifically enabled and marked for this purpose.
  • No photographs or recordings may be taken for commercial purposes without express authorization from the park management. Taking photos without commercial purposes is allowed, always with the flash disabled.
  • BIOPARC is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by non-compliance with these rules or by incorrect use of the facilities.
  • BIOPARC reserves the right of admission, in the following cases:
    1. – To those who behave aggressively, causing disturbances outside or at the entrance of the park.
    1. – To people who show symptoms of drunkenness or who are consuming drugs or narcotic substances or show symptoms of having used them.
    1. – To those who do not meet the required minimum age conditions.
    1. – Once the maximum authorized capacity established in the license, or the closing time, has been exceeded.
    1. – To those who carry tickets acquired fraudulently.
  • The management reserves the right to apply these rules or others necessary at any time, to guarantee animal well-being, as well as the safety of visitors and park staff.