Pass B!

With your B ANNUAL PASS! enjoy BIOPARC Valencia for a whole year
Visit the park as many times as you want and share with us your involvement with conservation, education and sustainability.

The Annual Pass B! It is the best option to experience the evolution of the park, meet the new babies or enjoy one of the best animal parks in the world whenever you want.

Also, with your Pass B! helps finance nature conservation programs through BIOPARC Foundation.

Choose Annual Pass type B! that best suits your needs and is part of the MundoB Community!

Types of Pass B! and rates

We offer 2 types of annual pass B! valid every day of the week so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. PASS B!
    Aimed at small groups of 3 people or more, it offers the possibility of combining general, children's and +65 modalities. Each person has their own non-transferable card that they can use independently. It is necessary to purchase all passes at the same time. All the passes that make up the pack must be paid. There must always be at least one adult in the pack. The proportion of minor members of a pack may not be higher than that of one adult for every 5 minors.


HERD x3: groups of 3 people.
HERD x4: groups of 4 people or more.

Pass B! and Pass B! MANADA allow you to enter BIOPARC for one year except: Easter (Thursday to Monday). To access during these days, a 50% discount will be made on the applicable day entry fee.

Annual Pass B!
  • General (13 to 64 years) 65 + €1
  • Children (4 to 12 Years) 50 + €1
  • + 65 years 50 + €1
Pack x3
  • General (13 to 64 years) 58,50 + €1
  • Children (4 to 12 Years) 45,00 + €1
  • + 65 years 45,00 + €1

Pack x4

  • General (13 to 64 years) 55,25 + €1
  • Children (4 to 12 Years) 42,50 + €1
  • + 65 years 42,50 + €1

Annual Pass B! Discounts*

  • General (13 to 64 years) 55 + €1
  • Children (4 to 12 Years) 40 + €1
  • + 65 years 40 + €1

Applicable to:

A document proving age may be requested.

Discounts for large/single-parent families, people with disabilities, pensioners and young people cannot be combined with each other and are not applicable to the Manada Pass.

With your +€1 you help finance nature conservation programs through the BIOPARC Foundation. Price per person, not including management fees (€3,50).

Note: pass B! It's digital. 

Renew your B Passes! digital on our website and SAVE YOURSELF from filling in your details again, uploading the photo, etc.!!

To renew the PB! or the PBs! whatever you want, you just have to follow  this link and once you have renewed them, you will automatically receive your new Pass B! at the email address you indicated to us.

When there is a change in the rate to be applied (from children to general or from general to +65) The annual pass cannot be renewed. In these cases you will have to purchase your pass with the new applicable rate according to the holder's particular conditions.

To benefit from a promotion it is not possible to manage the renewal and it is necessary to make a new purchase of the B Passes! and fill in the data again.

When renewing your passes or renewing and purchasing new passes you can also benefit from the modality HERD. It is necessary to purchase all the passes at the same time and it will be in the last step of the purchase, before paying, where you can check the Manada x3 or Manada x4 discount depending on the number of passes that you are finally going to renew.

BIOPARC will verify the holder's data after the renewal, and may cancel the B Pass! in case of detecting that the particular data and conditions of the holder do not correspond to the rate of Pass B! renovated.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact

We hope you enjoy another year of BIOPARC's Open Nature.

Thank you for continuing to be part of our MundoB Community! and for sharing with us the love and respect for animals.

Buy your annual pass B! and come all year round
You can buy it at our online ticket office or at the physical ticket offices during park hours.
*CONDITIONS: Pass B! It gives you access to the park once a day and is personal and non-transferable. To access the park it is essential to present Pass B! Consult all contract conditions this link.
Advantages of Pass B!
Presenting your Pass B! enjoy:
  • Un 10% discount in restaurants from BIOPARC Valencia.
  • Un 10% discount in stores from BIOPARC Valencia.
Discover all the advantages of your Pass B!:
Give Pass B!
A gift to enjoy the jungle all year round!