Who We Are
Rain Forest Valencia SA is a Spanish SME with 100% private capital with a long-term project involving professionals from very diverse fields.

A company whose work since 1995 focuses on the design, development and management of new generation animal parks.

A multidisciplinary team (architecture, engineering, fine arts, veterinary science, biology,...), pioneer in incorporating the most modern techniques for creating and managing zoological centers, recommended by the most prestigious international organizations such as the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA).

BIOPARC Valencia, a new generation zoo
BIOPARC Valencia is an animal park that has been designed under the concept of zooimmersion.

The incorporation of multispecies enclosures and depth of vision makes it possible to contemplate different spaces from the same point and allows you to enjoy a unique experience only noticeable in wild nature. Thanks to this, we can approach animals without visible barriers as if we were in the original places of the species.

Walking through BIOPARC Valencia is like entering the animals' house with all the security for them and the visitor, this generates a unrepeatable experience. Nothing can replace the visit, no photos, no videos, no narrations. But the most important of all is, without a doubt, the goal it pursues: move through beauty. Impress with aesthetics so that we become aware of preserving it. Provoke a change in behavior that motivates us to live in harmony with the planet.

BIOPARC Valencia recreates distant places inside cities inhabited by animal species threatened with extinction.

The objective of BIOPARC Valencia is to bring the beauty of these places as real as possible to make them known as a prior step to loving them and wanting to preserve them. Move to preserve is our motto.

The visit thus becomes a trip that allows you to contemplate nature and the wild animals that live there. We thus enjoy an unrepeatable experience that changes every day and every moment.

On our trip through these distant places, respect for both the space and its inhabitants is key, which is why interaction with the animals is not allowed, nor is it allowed to throw food at them or violate them with any inappropriate behavior.


BIOPARC considers that conservation practices must be carried out within the appropriate times, before the species cross the minimum acceptable population threshold and through their incorporation into World Nature Conservation Programs.

For this purpose, the BIOPARC Foundation. BIOPARC Valencia is actively integrated into organizations dedicated to nature conservation and in particular in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), which is governed by a basic argument, according to which: preserving the habitat of the species is an essential requirement to save the species itself.


BIOPARC Valencia is committed to Education as a channel for raising awareness among the youngest, but not resorting to traditional and static educational methods that bore visitors, but rather with much more active, involving and practical ones... BIOPARC Valencia is already in itself a large open classroom of 10 hectares, to which which adds three interpretive centers and two support classrooms.

All this makes BIOPARC Valencia a responsible organization with a firm commitment that aims to go beyond leisure and training its visitors to become a platform for education and awareness.


The sustainable design of BIOPARC Valencia allows all resources to be optimally managed, thus generating energy savings and once again making a clear commitment to environmental commitment.

The park has a series of state-of-the-art facilities that allow the management of resources in an ecological way. It houses five treatment plants responsible for recycling the water that flows through the different rivers, waterfalls, lakes and wetlands of the enclosure, which visitors and animals enjoy.

The water is adapted to the characteristics demanded by each species in order to guarantee their well-being. Said adjustment of temperature and pH of the water requires a specialized treatment that is also carried out in an ecological manner, using an entire network of solar panels dedicated to providing the facilities with enough energy so that the different water heating processes are carried out correctly. sustainable way.

BIOPARC Foundation
Three basic principles to guarantee the well-being of the animals that inhabit BIOPARC

Architecture and engineering professionals conceptualize the project design through the application of science to recreate habitats that ensure the animal welfare under the concept of zoo-immersion.

Integra caregivers and biologists and the veterinary team. The coordination of their work is carried out following different action protocols that guarantee monitoring of the behavior and health status of the animals. Programs of environmental enrichment, preparation of diets and management of animals, quarantine protocols, vaccinations, deworming and health care for each species and each individual, are activities developed by these technicians.

La vegetation It is a fundamental element of BIOPARC, since it allows animals to fully integrate into their environment. The choice of different plant species includes plants, shrubs and trees typical of the recreated areas, combined with others in the Mediterranean area. Maintenance not only guarantees the functionality of the park facilities, but also seeks harmony and rhythm throughout the visit. So we can feel the equilibrium that exists between all the elements of fauna, flora and geology that shape different ecosystems.

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