12 March 2024

BIOPARC Valencia's baby chimpanzee is called Cala, which means "fortress"

The little chimpanzee is evolving very favorably and represents a halo of hope for her family and for the entire park team that has chosen the name Cala, which expresses “strength.”

Names are always with us and, on this occasion, we wanted them to symbolize something very special. The BIOPARC Valencia animal care team feels very united with the animals in their care and strives every day to provide them with maximum well-being. With the idea of ​​that union and that effort, they have decided on a beautiful name for a wonderful creature, and so The chimpanzee born at the end of January will be called Cala, which means “strength.” At the moment the little girl is growing strong and healthy with all the attention of her mother Noelia, its evolution is being very positive and his presence is a joy every day.

The subspecies Pan troglodytes verus is in critical danger of extinction and the BIOPARCs of Valencia and Fuengirola house the largest group in Spain.

The BIOPARCs of Valencia and Fuengirola house the largest group of the subspecies in Spain. Pan troglodytes verus, who is critically endangered on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Chimpanzee family Pan troglodytes verus at BIOPARC Valencia

The Valencian park family is an example of cohesion and behavior of these great primates. Together they have faced the recent loss of one of the calves and now the priority is to follow the life cycle where the newborn Cala and little Djibril are the hope for their species. The group made up of the male Moreno and five females, the sisters Eva, Natalia and Noelia, who were joined by Malin and Py, is very important for the international conservation program in which BIOPARC participates. The objective of this common controlled reproduction project is to guarantee the survival of the species, especially a priority given the dangerous downward trend of chimpanzees in Africa.

Chimpanzee breeding is evolving positively.

BIOPARC Valencia's baby chimpanzee is called Cala, which means "fortress"

Faced with the deterioration of the environment, BIOPARC brings threatened nature closer to raise society's awareness of its conservation.n. Contemplating the behaviors and instincts of different species is the best opportunity to excite and awaken the feeling of protection towards all this rich biological diversity in danger of disappearing. At the same time, It is essential to act on the habitats of origin to stop its deterioration. In this sense, the scope of action of the BIOPARC Foundation is preservation , in the so-called hot spots of biodiversity collaborating with prestigious entities and institutions.

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