African wetlands

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La Kitum cave It goes about 200 meters into the interior of Mount Elgon, in the Mount Elgon National Park, in Kenya. It and its neighbors are the only known caves formed by pyroclastic volcanic rocks, whose modification over time has led to the formation of mineral salts.

Legends say that these caves were excavated by elephants, over hundreds of thousands of years, using their tusks. The reality is that the Kitum cave was formed by the Mount Elgon volcanic activity between 8.000 and 12.000 years ago, and has been expanded by elephants when digging with their tusks in search of Mineral salts, essential and lacking in their diet due to their herbivorous condition.

If we continued excavating the original cave until we came out on the Ugandan side, we would find the wetlands of Lake Kyoga, linked to the great lakes Victoria and Albert by the Nile, full of crocodiles, hippos and cichlid fish.

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It represents one of the caves on Kenya's Mount Elgon, Kitum Cave.

Houses the greats Nile hippos, which can be enjoyed in a magnificent underwater vision that allows us to discover all the secrets of this strange animal, the imposing nile crocodiles, more than 3 meters in length, whose size can reach 5.5 meters in its adult life, to the elusive soft shell turtles, already hundreds of fish of different species. Furthermore, from inside we see how the herd of Elephants to enjoy the mineral salts offered by the interior walls of the cave.

Also in this space we can find the colorful frogs and toads of the “World of Amphibians”.

African wetlands
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