April 11

Celebration at BIOPARC Valencia for the 5th birthday of the gorilla Félix

The gorilla family of the Valencian park has enjoyed an authentic party to commemorate the 5 years of the “little one” who received his name in honor of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.

La conservation of our planet It is possibly the biggest challenge we face and from the BIOPARC Foundation and the parks of Fuengirola, Valencia and the Gijón Aquarium, is faced with a commitment that encompasses different areas of action. On the one hand, the struggle to try save the most endangered species from extinction, on the other, raise awareness and mobilize society towards the necessary change in attitude towards environmental protection. Carrying out special actions such as the celebration of the Felix the gorilla's 5th birthday They integrate this global preservationist vision as it allows us to draw attention to the real problem of biodiversity loss.

Celebration at BIOPARC Valencia for the 5th birthday of the gorilla Félix

Boxes with gifts, the striking decoration and a huge and appetizing cake have sparked enormous interest on this special day.

On this day, the animal care team contemplated the wonderful image of a newborn gorilla. The new member of the gorilla family represented a new success of BIOPARC in the international conservation program of this species in extreme threat of disappearing forever. And the name chosen was Félix, in honor of the charismatic Rodriguez de la Fuente, who conveyed love and respect for animals and nature like no one else. Each birth brings hope for these apes and, in this sense, each anniversary is a cause for celebration.

The gorilla Félix enjoying environmental enrichment at BIOPARC Valencia on the occasion of its anniversary

In this way, the gorilla family has been able to enjoy an authentic Birthday Party where colorful garlands, gifts that hid delicious surprises and the tasty fruit and vegetable cake have unleashed enthusiasm. Each animal showed its tastes and preferences, if little Virunga and the female Nalani monopolized the cake, Félix opted for the strawberries. The male Mambie, the females Fossey and Ali and the other males born in Valencia, Ebo and Pepe, have also taken advantage of the feast. These types of acts are part of the protocols of environmental enrichment designed to offer maximum well-being to animals and, in this case, they are even more interesting because they favor the interaction between two different species, since BIOPARC is the only place where they coexist with another primate also at risk of disappearing, the white-crowned mangabey. (Cercocebus atys lunulatus).

Gorillas and mangabeys at BIOPARC Valencia

This emblematic species is critically endangered on the IUCN “Red List” and the BIOPARC Foundation with the parks of Fuengirola and Valencia are a reference in its conservation, with the largest group in Spain.

If, from the responsibility of controlled breeding, the BIOPARC of Fuengirola and Valencia have managed to house, with 15 individuals, the largest group of western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla), from the BIOPARC Foundation continues to support an important project in the Ebo forest (Cameroon) an invaluable sanctuary for the survival of this critically endangered species according to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List.

As a result of this preservation work, it is worth highlighting other recent births such as that of the beautiful two-month-old chimpanzee Cala and “little elephant” who turns one month old this week and that continues its development with the herd of elephants and little Makena only 1 year old. Seeing these delicate animals is a magnificent opportunity to reach people's hearts and motivate them to understand the need to “take action” to protect them.

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