April 19

The 24th AUPA and BIOPARC Foundation Dog Parade will be on Sunday, May 19

The traditional dog parade to promote adoptions will bring together several dozen dogs in search of a home. 

A scourge that does not stop and that has even increased according to the Affinity Foundation. The data collected in his latest study “He would never do it” is terrible with 288.000 animals collected by the shelters in one year (789 a day), of which 170.000 are dogs. And the reality is even worse, because really We do not know the number of abandoned or lost animals who have not had the “fortune” of being rescued by these associations.

In this situation, the BIOPARC Foundation and the protector Adopt an Abandoned Dog (AUPA) come together, even more strongly, to organize an event that has become an essential event before summer, the Parade of dogs in search of a home. El Sunday, May 19 at 11 a.m., the BIOPARC Valencia entrance plaza you will receive the exceptional visit of about 30 dogs with a common desire, to find a family. Among them Trufa, the protagonist of this year's poster, a cheerful 2-year-old male. Also typical cases of unwanted litters, such as the female Monica and her three beautiful puppies Moraine, Robin y Raven, only 7 months. Imposing 9-year-old seniors like Eros y Turkish or the little one Dolly who at 10 years old has been cruelly abandoned, dreams of enjoying her next years in the warmth of a home.


According to the same report, only 26% of the dogs collected were identified, in this sense it is essential to comply with the regulations and include the microchip to recover a lost animal. Maybe that's what happened to the striking, recently rescued 6-month-old Pirate, the sweet Cake from 6 years old or Gaspar, a huge 2-year-old hound that arrived at the shelter seriously injured and now recovered, is the most happy and cuddly. It is also necessary to encourage society to report abuse and promote adoption among people who wish to share their life with an animal.


The BIOPARC Foundation and the Adopta Un Perro Abandonado (AUPA) shelter reaffirm the need to raise awareness about animal welfare in our country, where nearly 800 animals are collected every day.

When the 24th edition of this solidarity event is about to be completed, it is worth highlighting the spirit of “love for animals” that is breathed in the AUPA and BIOPARC Foundation Dog Parade. When celebrated in a open space, is a magnificent opportunity to get to know the world of shelters and break many of the stigmas and prejudices that accompany the animals that, with all the love, they care for and protect. with the aim of finding them a permanent home. Especially satisfying is seeing that, year after year, there are more interested people who come knowing the festive and family atmosphere and who come with all the hope of discovering that wonderful animal that will steal their hearts. As always, there is a call for responsibility. Adopting a dog should be a very thoughtful decision., knowing the obligations it entails, the time and expense. And, most importantly, being fully aware that It is a living being that we will have to take care of throughout its life.. At the same time, these Parades are a place where people who have already adopted tell their experiences and transmit the passion and happiness that sharing their lives with these extraordinary animals brings them.

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